Strong in IT resources and skills, works today to provide software for PCs, Macs, tablets and mobiles at low prices to individuals and businesses.

We seek and select software from the best rated brands and offer them to you at the best prices.

To meet the needs of users and their work habits as closely as possible, we provide the latest versions of software from the biggest publishers.

The team wants to be closer to its customers by guaranteeing great responsiveness and an constant listening and an increasingly responsive assistance.

Our forces :

  • Lowest prices!
  • Close proximity to all of our customers.
  • A technology that adapts and evolves according to demand and needs.
  • A team always more attentive to its customers.
  • Assist our customers.

About beastpc company? it is a company affiliated with the largest software and other product companies, its head office is at:

15 rue marceau delorme
92600 Asnieres-sur-Seine FRANCE Email:


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