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  • Speeds up CPU, memory, broadband and hard drives

  • PC cleaner removes clutter and junk files that slow you down

  • Antivirus features that block and remove the latest types of malware

  • Data recovery software to help you find and recover lost or deleted files

  • Password manager secures online passwords and credit cards

  • Protects browsing habits and avoids the collection of personal data








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Iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense builds on System Mechanic's PC cleaner and performance base, adds System Mechanic Pro's AV and real-time data protection features, secures your web browsing, manages passwords and credit cards and removes malware on demand with antivirus functionality.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is the complete package for all your security, privacy and performance needs, now in one convenient interface.

Increase speed

Automatically increases the speed and availability of CPU, RAM, and HDD resources when you launch high-demand apps for smoother gaming, editing, and streaming.

Increase speed


Detects and fixes over 30,000 different issues using intelligent over-the-air updates from iolo Labs™ to keep your PC stable and trouble-free.

Removes malware

Identifies unwanted startup programs that slow you down by launching and running without your knowledge.

Removes malware
Protects privacy and security

Protects privacy and security

Securely erases sensitive browsing history and fixes Windows security vulnerabilities that can harm your computer.

Unleash internet speed

Automatically optimizes Windows hidden Internet settings for faster downloads, faster page loads, less buffering, improved video quality.

Unleash internet speed
Cleans up clutter

Cleans up clutter

Removes over 50 types of hidden junk files to free up valuable disk space and make more room for your documents, movies, music and photos.

7 powerful products in one software suite

Iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense
iolo privacy guardian

Privacy Guardian™

Protect your privacy with Privacy Guardian

  • Thwarts attempts to track digital fingerprints

  • Disables aggressive Windows® 10 data collection settings

  • Automate the deletion of cookies

  • Keeps search history private

  • Removes web browsing traces stored on your PC

  • Improves protection against identity theft

iolo Byepass


Protect passwords and credit cards

  • Protects online passwords and credit cards from prying eyes

  • Works with most operating systems and web browsers

  • Generates and recommends new secure passwords

  • Help protect your online purchases

  • Allows you to avoid remembering and typing your passwords

  • Remotely logs you out of all websites wherever you are

iolo System shield

System Shield™

Protect your PC from dangerous viruses and spyware

  • Protects your PC with real-time virus protection

  • Speed up and declutter with all the tools of System Mechanic

  • Detects the latest malware threats with advanced artificial intelligence

  • Safely recycles old PCs with military-grade disk-erasing technology

  • Recovers irreplaceable photos, videos and more from many types of devices

  • Removes system-hogging bloatware that slows you down

iolo Malware killer

Malware Killer™

Finds and destroys existing malware

  • Finds and removes malware on demand

  • Safely scans suspicious files with proprietary technology

  • Has a carefully developed threat detection algorithm

  • Continually adds to an extensive "reputation database"

  • Deploys artificial intelligence to uncover the latest threats

  • Can even detect previously unknown threats

iolo System mechanic

System Mechanic®

Repair and boost your PC automatically

  • Removes unnecessary files that cause system slowness and instability

  • Improves real-time performance for streaming and downloading

  • Removes system-hogging bloatware you didn't know was there

  • Frees trapped memory and defragments drives for even more speed

  • Helps secure open router ports and connected home devices

  • Automatically cleans and repairs whenever your PC is idle

iolo Search and Recover

Search and Recover™

Recover accidentally deleted files FAST

  • Recovers deleted documents, photos, emails and videos etc.

  • Rescue critical work and precious memories you thought were gone forever

  • Searches for specific folders on your entire hard drive

  • Works with many types of hard drives, cameras and removable media

  • Can even recover data from some damaged disks

  • One-click restore makes it quick and easy

iolo DriveScrubber


Erase data so it can NEVER be recovered

  • Permanently erase private files, images and documents

  • Securely erases all disks before reselling, giving away, or recycling your PC

  • Restores your drives to like-new condition after virus or spyware damage

  • Cleans PC drives, flash drives, USB sticks, cameras, etc.

  • Meets US Department of Defense disk sanitization standard

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense System Requirements

Your system must meet the minimum requirements listed:

  • You must have Windows® 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7

  • Minimum 512 MB RAM (optimal 2 GB)

  • 270 MB of available disk space
  • A USB flash drive is required to perform DriveScrubber's Full Hard Drive Data Erase feature

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How do I activate System Mechanic PRO?

Note: If you haven't installed the program, click here to download the latest version of System Mechanic Pro and install it first

1. To install the product, select Install. If it appears, click Yes in the Windows User Account Control window.

How to install system mechanic pro
How to install system mechanic pro

2. System Mechanic Professional will begin to load and display the activation dialog.

system mechanic pro

3. Enter your email address that you used when purchasing the product online. If you are installing as a trial, simply enter a valid email address to continue and click Begin Activation.

System Mechanic Pro

4. If you are activating the product as a trial, select the Activate Trial radio button and click Complete Activation. If you have an activation key, select I have an activation key, enter the key and click Complete activation.

System Mechanic Pro

5. When the activation process is complete, the product can be used to scan your PC.

Activate system mechanic pro
Activate system mechanic pro

6. To check your activation information or to change your product key, click the key icon in the top right application menu, which will open the product information window.

Activate system mechanic pro
Activate system mechanic pro

Existing customer

If you are an existing customer and have reinstalled your product, start System Mechanic Professional and it will automatically contact our activation server and add your product key. If this does not happen, or if you need to re-enter your product activation key for some reason, please click the key icon at the top right of the application menu to open the information window on the product, enter your activation key and click Activate Now.

system mechanic pro

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